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“Then came one of the day’s highlights: pianist Joanna MacGregor’s exceptional interpretation of the Goldberg Variations. With her tone as poised as it was subtly refined, she explored the many planes on which Bach’s structure operates, highlighting its protean variety of texture in a performance that touched the sublime.”

The Guardian

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“Joanna MacGregor, making her Chicago Symphony Orchestra debut, was just the sort of soloist this music needs – firm of rhythm, incisive of attack, as coolly commanding at the keyboard as Boulez was on the podium. A terrific performance all around.”

Chicago Tribune

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“MacGregor seems incapable of giving performances that are not at once extremely intelligent and entertaining…. She brilliantly multi-tracked herself in Conlon Nancarrow studies intended for player-piano, but bare musicality prevailed in her closing piece, a deeply touching account of the Allemande from Bach’s Fourth Partita.”

The Sunday Times

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